Welcome to the market with heart in the heart of West Asheville

Fresh, local, organic produce and your favorite bulk and grocery items are all right here... a manageable selection of all  the best the natural foods world has to offer.  It's a sweet market you won't want to leave.  So don't.  Stay and enjoy a juice, a cup o' something, and don't be surprised when you're saying 'this is the best sandwich I've ever had'.  The soup rocks too.

What's Happening at the Market
Well it's the beginning of another month.  One nice thing about time ticking right along is that it gets us to some new bargains!  Check out our great sales for November - over 70 of 'em!  Just click the link above to see what you can't live without.

For the holidays, or any special occasion,  gift baskets are unique and thoughtful.  Our West Village Market baskets can range from the most simple to an extravagant collection of wonderful things. Call us to order one, or one for everyone in your office!

You can find Carl & Judi every Wednesday through Saturday here at West Village Market. 

We‘ve partnered with a natural living resource center to bring you this website. Please take advantage of this wealth of information to find answers to your healthcare and nutrition questions. Click the underlined link to check it out.

Special order your favorite vitamins or health & beauty items, and you‘ll get 10% off!  Click the link above for info.

Health News from outside the bubble
Health Tip: Brush Up on Nutrition for Back to School
(HealthDay News) -- As the new school year approaches, it's time to focus on healthy eating to make sure your child's growing body is properly fueled for the challenges of school.

Just One Energy Drink Sends Young Adults' Stress Hormone Levels Soaring
Just one energy drink can cause potentially harmful spikes in both stress hormone levels and blood pressure in young, healthy adults, a new study shows.
'Walkable' Neighborhoods Boost Heart Health, Studies Find
Your heart health may depend, at least in part, on the sidewalks and public transportation available in the community where you live, two new studies suggest.
West Village Market & Deli Health Tips
Eco-coffee lingo
Fair trade coffee is produced without pesticides or herbicides. It may or may not be labelled as sustainable, a marketing term that doesn’t have a concrete definition. Generally, it means that coffee has been produced in a way that’s friendly to people and the planet. A certified organic label ensures that a coffee brand was truly sustainably produced.