Our Mission

The WVM Goal:
Because personal nutrition is a highly individual matter, we are committed to providing products that fill a spectrum of dietary choices.  As a neighborhood market we will reduce reliance on the automobile, helping people to shop close to home.  We support as many local suppliers as possible, moving us toward our own goal of being environmentally responsible.  

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Meet our Staff
Manager, Buyer
Nicki -- Nicki is our primary buyer and Store Manager.
Owner, General Manager
Rosanne -- (828) 225-4949
Store Policies / Services
Credit & Debit minimums
$5.00 MINIMUM PURCHASE on CREDIT and DEBIT CARDS Here's why - The credit and debit card companies charge us about 40 cents every time you use your card. So you're thinking, "big deal, what's 40 cents?" Let's say you buy a bottle of water for a buck, and use your debit card. Now let's say we only make 35 cents profit on every bottle.  Ordinarily, we would have made 35 cents on that transaction, but because it costs us 40 cents, we just LOST 5 CENTS on that purchase! Woops.

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