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Garbanzo Beans (chickpeas) Legumes originating from North Africa and the Middle East. They were first cultivated around 5000 B.C. High in protein iron calcium and B vitamins chickpeas are delicious in soups stews salads and spreads. They require soaking and longer cooking time than most beans.
Ghee Originating in India this form of clarified butter entails browning the milk solids after the butter is melted and removing them leaving only pure butterfat. This process raises the smoke point to nearly 375 degrees higher than that of butter and French clarified butter. It also gives Ghee a wonderfully nutty flavor and shelf life of six months in the refrigerator.
Ginger Root This pungent aromatic spice comes from a tropical plant indigenous to Jamaica India Africa and China. Possessing both a sweet and spicy flavor Ginger root may be purchased fresh dried and ground pickled preserved or crystallized (candied). Ginger increases circulation and respiration and acts as a digestive aid.
Granola A breakfast cereal consisting of cooked dried grains (mostly oats) and sweeteners such as honey and/or maple syrup. It may also contain nuts and dried fruit. Beware of most commercially produced Granola it often contains refined oils brown sugar and/or excessive amounts of sweeteners.
Great Northern Beans A mediumsize white bean somewhat larger than a navy bean. They are both referred to as Haricot beans and are used in the popular dish “Boston Baked beans”. They are also popular in the French dish Cassoulet. Haricots are an excellent source of protein low in fat high in fiber minerals and B vitamins.
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